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December 2008

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The study of God's Creation is alive and well in Canada.  Many Canadian scientists and professionals are involved in promoting the truth concerning our origins.  This web site will help you discover the events, organisations, speakers and resources that are Canadian.

We encourage you to invite one of our speakers to your school or church.  It will have a positive impact on your friends or group - young or old!!

Make sure you attend the Echo Lake Creation Family Camp just Northwest of Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan, July 26-31, 2009
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Canadian Creationists in the News

Several creation museums have now opened in Canada - click the "Museums" link in the menu up top to visit the website of each one!`

Ian Juby's exhaustive

"The Complete Creation" video series

Vance Nelson

  1. Vance Nelson on Revelation TV in the UK:  Part 1 and Part 2.
  2. Vance Nelson on 100 Huntley Street (Real Media Player)
  3. Vance on ICR Radio program on Petrified Wood (Real Media Player)

Laurence Tisdall

  1. Listen to an interview with Laurence Tisdall recorded on CBC Jan 2005 (Windows Media Player)
  2. Canadian Christianity interview
  3. Watch 100 Huntley Street program with Laurence Tisdall (realplayer)
  4. Watch 1 hour debate between Laurence Tisdall and Jason Wiles on the Michael Coren Show

Bill Gibbons, Ph.D.

Interview with Canada's dinosaur hunter

David Buckna

Should evolution be immune from critical analysis?

Ian Taylor

Teaching Evolution - Is there a better way?

Interesting link - list of creation scientists that are
                        active or have been active in science


Many events - go to the province of your choice to verify


Creation Family Camp, July 26-31, 2009

Join the Creation Science Association of Saskatchewan's
Echo Lake Family Camp
Fun for the whole family!

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Creation Camp


June 2009


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An excellent introduction to evolution:
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